About us

About us

Vacuum – a blaze of colours, textures and taste

Vacuum Restaurant is a cozy restaurant in the heart of Sofia, offering delicious food and warm atmosphere. It is ideal for indulging gourmet delicacies with friends or family, business lunch or dinner.

Inspired by the traditional French cuisine the menu is a delightful mixture of colours and tastes.
The main courses are prepared using the latest culinary technology “sous vide” (in vacuum) which has become the standard for the gourmets around the world.
The “sous vide” process locks in the natural flavours and nutrients of our premium ingredients, enhancing their texture, shape and colour.

To accompany the food, a balanced wine selection includes some of the finest local and classic international wines.
For special occasions, contact us for personalized menu and packages.

Bon appétit!

Indoor capacity – 28 persons
Open-air garden – 20 persons
Free Wi-Fi
e-mail: events@vacuum.bg
For reservations and more info please call: +359 88 22 11 505